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Heng Ong Huat
​​歡迎來 興旺發
Our Story



Our Philosophy

We believe that happy occasions must be celebrated with friends, family or colleagues with good food and drinks in a nice and happy environment that renders good service

Our Name

Our name Heng Ong Huat is derived from the Hokkien pronunciation of the Chinese phrase 興  旺  發, a quintessential Chinese New Year greeting that means “to be joyful, to prosper and to flourish”.  We hope you enjoy the joyful and positive spirit of our restaurant while dining with us

Our Menu

4-Star Quality at 3-Star Prices

Our Master Chef have carefully curated set menus that showcase a variety of flavours that suit every occasion including Full Course Set Meals to celebrate special occasions, or Value Sets and Variety Sets for your everyday casual dining

Our Signature Dish

Ingredients: Tiger Grouper / Red Snapper Fish,

Tiger Prawns, Green Mussels, Clams, Scallops and

Pak Choy in Superior Broth

Super Seafood Pot

One thing is common across our set menus, we strive to use the freshest ingredients including the fresh supply of seafood from our salt and fresh water aquariums, and to provide 4-star quality at 3-star prices

Full Course Set Meal

for Celebrations and Special Occasions

Value Set Meal

for Everyday Dining

Seafood Porridge Set

 1 海鮮粥

Seafood Porridge

2 沙煲翁菜

Claypot Kang Kung

3 滷味三拼

Village Braised Pork with Egg and Toufu

4 玫瑰油鷄腿

Braised Chicken Thigh

5 魚丸蒸豆腐

Steam Bean Curd with Fish Ball


Chicken Rice Set

1 白斬菜園鷄

One Whole Kampung Chicken
2 例湯

Soup of the Day
3 時菜

Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetables
4 油飯

Chicken Rice
5 魚丸蒸豆腐

Steam Bean Curd with Fish Ball

Seafood Treasure Pot

Set A/B

1 海鮮大盤魚(紅棗魚) 
Seafood Treasure Pot
with Red Snapper
2 白斬菜園鷄 
One Whole Kampung Chicken
3 脆皮辣椒蝦卷 
Spicy Prawn Rolls 
    4 沙煲空心菜 
Kangkong in Claypot

Eat, Drink

& Be Happy

Many of our regular customers come to Heng Ong Huat for every day dining, have corporate lunches or dinners to entertain clients, or celebrate happy occasions such as birthday dinners and anniversaries, or even host full-moon buffet lunch parties.

Whichever the occasion, we hope that you

Heng Ong Huat with us!





*offer valid from 1 August 2019 to 30 September 2019


Heng Ong Huat Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

88-1B, IMS2,

88, Jalan Batai Laut 4 , Taman Intan, Klang


Monday - Sunday

10:30 am - 14:30 pm

17:30 pm - 11:00 pm

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Tel: 03-3341 3288 

/ 010-249 3288


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